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1. Veronique Schutjens, Giacomo Solano,
Social Networks of Entrepreneurs: Causes, Variations and Consequences

2. Claire Bidart, Michel Grossetti,
Typologies of personal networks

3. Marion Maisononbe, Laurent Beauguitte,
From international to global networks? Investigating social dynamics of globalization

4. Gerald Mollenhorst,
Changes in Personal Networks: Causes, Differences, and Consequences

5. Spyros Angelopoulos, Emmanuel Lazega, Francesca Pallotti, Paola Zappa,
Multilevel Network Perspectives in and around Organizations: Theory, Structure and Dynamics

6. Jan Fuhse, Wouter De Nooy,
Social Networks from Interaction Events

7. Fruzsina Albert, Beata David,
Egocentric networks and social integration processes

8. Manuel Fischer,
Political Networks

9. Gianiuca Manzo, Paola Tubaro,
Network Science and Agent-Based Models: what cooperation?

10. Stefan Bernhard, Andreas Herz,
Doing qualitative network analysis

11. Basak Bilecen,
The Inequality–Social Network Nexus

12. Claire Lemercier, Tom Brughmans, Pierre Gervais, Marten Düring, Zacarias Moutoukias,
Historical and Archaeological Network Research

13. Marlène Sapin, Eric Widmer,
Personal networks and the development of individual vulnerability or strength in the life course

14. Yuna Chiffoleau, Marc Barbier,
The role of social networks in the transition towards sustainable food systems

15. Mari Sarv, Liisi Laineste,
Network Analysis in Humanities

16. Tom Snijders, Christian Steglich,
Social influence

17. Tom Snijders, Christian Steglich,
Modeling Network Dynamics

18. Laura Prota, Johannes Glückler,
Social networks, globalization and economic geography

19. Christophe Prieur, Lionel Tabourier
Large networks

Sessions added by the organizers:

Session 20 Health
Session 21 Migration
Session 22 Science networks
Session 23 Modelling networks
Session 24 Business networks
Session 25 Social support
Session 26 Cultural networks
Session 27 Social media
Session 28 Covert networks
Session 29 Intra organizational networks
Session 30 Policy networks
Session 31 Geography and networks
Session 32 Personal networks


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