The Inequality–Social Network Nexus
Basak Bilecen  1@  
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Universität Bielefeld Universitätsstraße 25 D-33615 Bielefeld -  Germany

This session investigates the inequality–social network nexus. Both the structure and dynamics of social relations in which individuals are embedded have been consistently shown to be crucial for the production and persistence of different forms of inequalities. For example, social networks have argued to be crucial in finding employment, housing, adapting to a new environment, and securing better health conditions. In other words, knowing diverse people who has resources such as information, has advantages, while isolation and/or having a closed circle might cause redundancy, and thus, disadvantage. This session will provide a forum for presentation of ideas on how to investigate inequalities in social networks as well as to understand whether and how network structure for certain categories of persons yield inequalities. The contributions with innovative research designs and mixed-method approaches with SNA are welcome to address the questions of inequalities.

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