Multilevel Network Perspectives in and around Organizations: Theory, Structure and Dynamics
Spyros Angelopoulos  1@  , Emmanuel Lazega  2@  , Francesca Pallotti  3, *@  , Paola Zappa  1@  
1 : University of Italian Switzerland
2 : Sciences Po
Centre de Sociologie des Organisations – CNRS
3 : University of Greenwich
* : Corresponding author

The multilevel nature of organizations creates a complex ecosystem where individuals, groups, units, practices, as well as other organizations are entangled. Such entanglement shapes organizations and more generally collective action in a dynamic way, and affects organizational outcomes at multiple levels. This session focuses on recent advances in modeling and understanding networks in and around organizations from a multilevel perspective. We welcome both theoretical as well as empirical contributions that address the various aspects and implications of the multilevel nature of networks. We are also interested in presentations of software development in this area.

Possible examples of networks include, but are not limited to the following:

Corporate networks ; Communities of practice networks ; Entrepreneurial networks ; Innovation networks ; Collaboration networks ; Investments networks ; Online networks


While a non-comprehensive list of perspectives is:

Multilevel network analysis ; Multilevel analysis of networks; Dynamics of Multilevel networks; Diffusion processes in multilevel networks


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